Email I received from my mom this morning:

From Hong Wan
to Mimi
date Mon, Jul 26, 2010 at 10:08 AM
subject Dinner at Lucali’s

Hi, Mimi,we went to a pizza place called Lucali’s in Carrol Garden tonight.  my colleague Melisa highly recommends the place, it only serves pizza and calzones, it’s authentic, uses only freshest ingredients, the owner and chief cooks most of the time.  it took us an hour to drive to the place(Holland tunnel is terrible), and another hour to wait for seat.  but the food was certainly worth it the effort.

here is the bonus of the night, Beyonce and Jay Z sat in the table next to us!  Melisa told us the couple lives in the neighborhood and this is one of their favorite restaurants, but still it’s kind of cool…

So yeah, my parents sat next to them. NBD. Didn’t freak out and scream and vaguely curse my luck or anything.