Just got wind of this new exhibition at MoMA through New York Magazine’s Grub Street blog, somewhat surprisingly. One of the things I will always miss about not being in the States is access to the museums and galleries of New York (yes other places too, but, really, just New York). For example, where else would you find a legitimate retrospective of inter- and post-war kitchen design that includes a full Frankfurt Kitchen AND focuses on the contributions of women, traditionally the largest group of users of the kitchen and its implements, to the field of interior, domestic and industrial design, especially as it pertains to the domestic space? In the immortal words of Ryan Adams (the post-Whiskeytown, pre-rehab, pre-Mr. Mandy Moore days), I still love you, New York.

And now, a shameless plug for MoMA, who will never ever give me anything in return:

Counter Space: design + the modern kitchen runs from September 15th 2010 to March 14th 2011. Check out the MoMA website for related events and gallery talks.