I’m taking a quick break from an endless day of phone calls at the gallery, confirming RSVPs for our exhibition opening and 10 Years’ Anniversary event this Saturday (more on that later) to share a truly wonderful Only In China anecdote. It actually occurred while I was calling guests on our list, and what you have to know beforehand is that in China, when you call cell phones, a vast majority of them play uniformly terrible MIDI music instead of the dial tone. Therefore, I’ve listened to more versions of Fur Elise and Deck the Halls and Cantopop than I can count or my ears can actually handle. But today, while making a call, the music on the end of the line was none other than Cat Power’s “The Greatest.” I have no idea how that happened, how that song made it to China, whether the owner of the phone had chosen it himself, nothing. But it was a great little moment when I realized what I was listening to, and definitely brightened what is sure to be an otherwise drab day at work.