Let me take a minute to complain about a really silly yet vexing problem of mine. It involves the Chinese-language and specifically Pinyin input software that comes bundled with the Mac OS (10.6 in my case). Frankly, it sucks. Blows. Is clunky, slow, and utterly not predictive. Maybe, maybe it’s because I don’t type in Chinese on my laptop as much as I do at work, but I don’t think that’s the only reason. The main reason is that Apple TOTALLY dropped the ball on this one.

At work I use the Google Pinyin, which is just everything an input source method should be. User-friendly, easily toggle-able, and has amazing predictive algorithms (or whatever), just like the rest of Google. If they would only make a version for OS X… I like not having to keep an I on each character as I type, but I’m also not about to go Bootcamp on this computer. That’s just a waste. So for now, I suffer through the sludge-like pace of the bundled software, and do most of my Chinese typing at work.