(part two, from late september, got lost in the shuffle known as real life)

Upon hearing that I was going to another Redbucks show, my friend asked me “Do you go to all of their shows?” I go to Redbucks shows because I genuinely love bluegrass music, each gig they play is different than the last, and because it’s a great way to spend an evening and get my live music fix in Beijing. Anyways, onto the actual concert. Playing again at Jianghu Jiuba (the site of the missing part two), the new-look Redbucks sounded as tight as ever, and did not have the near-over-capacity crowds of the last two shows. The crowd was split fairly evenly between a mix of locals and (inevitably bearded) expats, and attendees for the concert and occupants of the bar.

The Redbucks lineup I saw on Friday night was Luke (banjo, guitar, vocals), Amy (violin, vocals), Chris (guitar, vocals) and Jackson (bass), aka the new permanent lineup. Compared to their other Jianghu gig earlier this fall, the first show they played after Christine left, this one appeared more relaxed, as if the band had begun to settle (back?) in as a quartet. They played two sets, both split between original material and interpretations of classics. At least to me, this show relied less on material from their album and more on standards, though as a new fan, I can’t speak to their older songs that didn’t make it on to the record, or new songs that haven’t been well-publicized yet. You’ll have to bear with me; I’m writing this recap entirely from memory, which got a little, shall we say, fuzzy by the end of the night. Highlights of the evening included opening with ‘All That Glitters’, the title track from their album, along with other cuts such as ‘Spring Rain’, ‘.45 Snub Nose’ and ‘Low Tide’, though no ‘Wild Turkey Gobble.’ Perhaps due to the fact that I had imbibed a lot of it, there seemed to be fewer whiskey-centric songs this time around than in the previous two concerts. However, the band did close out a very good show with a rollicking rendition of the traditional spiritual ‘Old Time Religion’ which had every foot (at least in my close vicinity) tapping along. All in all, a very pleasant night filled with good music, good friends, and good cheer. I’m looking forward to the next show.