I’m a few days late on this (say what you will about the Chinese internet, when something does happen, it happens fast). This video, by what I believe is a Taiwanese animation company, was released about a week ago as a ‘holiday greeting’ for Chinese New Year (Feb. 3rd this year). Ostensibly a light affair, the video is actually quite a graphic depiction of some of China’s biggest scandals of the past year, all set to various remixes of a children’s nursery rhyme, 小兔乖乖 (“Little Rabbit, Behave).

A police state of tigers (the previous year) has a community of cute bunnies under its toe. They give the rabbits tainted milk to feed to their leverets, suddenly and brutally demolish the rabbits’ homes, and bloodily flatten one rabbit protester under the wheels of a truck. They even manage to insert the phrase “我爸是虎刚,” obviously a play on another recent scandal where a university student involved in a hit-and-run accident that killed a young female cyclist responded to charges by stating defiantly “我爸是李刚” (“My father is Li Gang”). The student was the son of the local Public Security Bureau chief, and netizens are watching as closely as they can as Li Qiming stands trial.

Watch it below: